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BBC Radio 4 – Listening Project

Jonathan and his daughter Niimi talking about the experience of touring.
BBC Radio 4 - The Listening Project

BBC Radio 4 – The Listening Project

Jonathan wants to find out if his daughter Niimi is ready to go with him on his tour, to a country where the cultures and traditions are very different from home.
Agia Napa - Blog

Agia Napa – Blog

Arrival Not the most enjoyable of flights, but I am arrived intact by Budget air : ) Revisited Brussels airport, where as a 9 year old I arrived back from Africa… and breathed with the most profound and lasting joy the chill mist laden air. The Agia Napa accomodation is blissful after the cooped up...
Between The Worlds Tour - Ayia Napa

Between The Worlds Tour – Ayia Napa



Delighted, surprised and humbled (you know that feeling you get when something makes you realise you should be serious about something you’re doing) to have Pete Seeger following on Twitter! Don’t know how it happened, but it’s deeply encouraging : )
Between The Worlds Tour

Between The Worlds Tour

Last night under this sky for a while… off to the desert tomorrow for a few hours and then the steamy Orient. The South China Sea will be churning with the summer heat… hoping for some heavy weather : ) Well, waiting for my Hong Kong flight, looking forward to some gigs in the sultry...
Live on BBC Sunday Folk

Live on BBC Sunday Folk

Interview and live music on Genevieve Tudor’s Sunday Folk
Llangollen International Eisteddfod

Llangollen International Eisteddfod

Folk Radio Mix 'The Tradition'

Folk Radio Mix ‘The Tradition’

The British folk scene is a vibrant place to be in right now, the folk music tradition is constantly evolving as new artists re-interpret music of the past with their own twists and influences. This mix features both new and old music, including Bonnie Light Horseman. The Tradition by Folk Radio Uk on Mixcloud
Book: Robert Frank's 'The Americans'

Book: Robert Frank’s ‘The Americans’

BUY NOW £15 including shipping – message me using the CONTACT page to order securely with cheque, direct transfer or Paypal : ) In the mid 50s, Swiss-born New Yorker Robert Frank embarked on a ten-thousand-mile road trip across post-war America, capturing thousands of photographs of all levels of a rapidly changing society. The resultant...