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Review “Shreds and Patches”

Good music, beautifully performed. Jonathan’s vocal work is extraordinary – full of warm tone, clarity of diction and emotionally apt. The accompaniements are exemplary, as you might have giessed from the line up…very classy! – Flos Headford, Shreds and Patches
Review "Stirrings"

Review “Stirrings”

This is a gentle and peaceful record. There’s a real poetic sensibility all the way through, and he sings in a full dark voice, like Scott Walker and Jim Morrison, but without the angst of the one, or the violence of the other – and that’s dark as in chocolate on a still night, not...

Review “Netrythms”

Jonathan has a keen talent for songwriting, and there are some really lovely songs here. There’s a clear lineage back to classic 70s singer-songwriters.. including Leonard Cohen, Joni Mitchell, Peter Hammill and CSN&Y, I can also hear folks like Nick Drake and David Ackles in there. It sounds really good – intimate and well-recorded, with...

Review “Living Tradition”

“Contemporary rural music from Shropshire” is Jonathan Day’s synopsis of this new release after many years away. Characterised as reclusive and recondite, sometime busking itinerant and vagabond, he is clearly an interesting character with a profound love of nature and its ethereal, numinous and magical qualities. With the CD attractively graced with his own wildlife...
Review "Rock and Reel"

Review “Rock and Reel”

Jonathan likes to let his music speak for him, so much so that the few words on his album pack are almost indecipherable. There is no website to sing his praises: the music is his only statement. It’s not his first record, however, but he gave up the mainstream music business long ago. Carved in...
Review "BBC"

Review “BBC”

Review Q Magazine

Review Q Magazine

Andy Fyfe, Q Magazine **** Another touched by the hand of Woody (Guthrie) is Jonathan Day, the great man’s biopic inspiring the semi-reclusive folkie to leave University and live a peripatetic life. Carved in Bone is his third album but the first for many years. A shame; we could do with more of his poetic,...
Review 'Johnny's Garden'

Review ‘Johnny’s Garden’

TRANSLATE TO ENGLISH (opens in new window) Dit akoestisch vormgegeven en enorm veelzijdige album geeft haar schoonheid slechts langzaam prijs en vergt een ouderwetse tijdsinvestering van de luisteraar. In die zin lijkt Carved In Bone een representant van de Engelse vooruitstrevende folk uit de jaren zeventig te zijn. Muzieklabels als Charisma of Island zouden hier in dat tijdsgewricht...