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Edale Folk Festival

Edale Folk Festival

Jonathan is performing at the Edale Folk Festival (10th-12th May).  
Thailand - Part two

Thailand – Part two

Wandering and playing in Amphawa today … once-was trading port for Siam, water worn timber houses, fragile in the sun, so close to the tidal river and canals they seem in danger at any moment of inundation. Temples necklace the viridian forest, realisation out of water and brilliant light, home of the hero-killer of the...
Thailand - Part one

Thailand – Part one

A time of black and white in my Shropshire hills. The Shein brook which winds along to the Hafren/Severn covered itself in ice. Wandering its upper reaches, I found otter tracks. A really profound feeling, silently welcoming back this elusive creature of water and air. I followed its path over the frozen weir and through...