The INDEPENDENT newspaper features new book 'LYRIC'

The INDEPENDENT newspaper features new book ‘LYRIC’

The Independent newspaper features ‘Lyric’ – a new book I’ve curated, introduced and illustrated – which brings together song lyrics from a range of writers and presents them as poetry.   ARTICLE, full text “So Shakespeare is now officially 400 years dead. This enormously wonderful and argued over figure who may be responsible for some...
'Song of the Day' on Folk Radio UK

‘Song of the Day’ on Folk Radio UK

A pre-release from Jonathan’s new album Atlantic Drifter has been chosen as ‘Song of the Day’ by Folk Radio UK – Britain’s biggest folk magazine.    
Vagabond from the Blue Sky, Part 2. An interview with FolkRadio's Alex Gallacher

Vagabond from the Blue Sky, Part 2. An interview with FolkRadio’s Alex Gallacher

  Vagabond from the Blue Sky, part 2 An interview with FolkRadio’s Alex Gallacher Talking about his experiences of music and the road, Jonathan continued: Life, it often seems to me, is like a string of beads: moments strung like pearls on the fading continuum of my passing. Here are some of those moments, translucent milk-white...
Vagabond from the Blue Sky part 1. An interview with Folk Radio's Alex Gallacher

Vagabond from the Blue Sky part 1. An interview with Folk Radio’s Alex Gallacher

Folk Life: Jonathan Day – Vagabond from the Blue Sky   by ALEX GALLACHER, FolkRadio   I’ve been a fan of Jonathan Day’s music since he sent his album ‘Carved in Bone’. He’s a very keen traveller and always seems to be off on some journey, so much so that I find it impossible to...
Review "Northern Sky"

Review “Northern Sky”

The Shropshire countryside is embedded in the very fabric of this first proper release by Jonathan Day, a writer, painter and poet whose curiosity has taken him around the world and back on a journey of self-discovery, from Johannesburg to the heart of the Black Country, his true inspirational home. Rich in atmosphere, the album...
Review "Folk Radio UK"

Review “Folk Radio UK”

I like the quiet, the animals and the trees. It took me a long time to get here from where I grew up, in between factories, steel hard and iron grey. Long ago most of my family lived in these borderlands; I guess I’ve always been slowly heading home. There’s something important in the curve...

Review “fRoots”

  Honest, sensitive, gently visionary.  

Review “System Records”

Contemporary rural music from Shropshire, sixteen years in the writing and making, this album collects together the work of vagabond songwriter and composer Jonathan Day. After two critically acclaimed albums and several years touring Europe, Jonathan moved out of the spotlight to follow a reclusive and itinerant life makjing music in his remote home in...
Review "Crossrhythms"

Review “Crossrhythms”

Opener “Canticle” has a contemporary acoustic groove enhanced by deft percussion and some exquisite vocal harmonies. Jonathan possesses a fine voice and is clearly an accomplished guitarist and songwriter. “Bonnie Light Horseman” is a more traditional folk song with some subtle fiddle and cello work and Jonathan’s voice contrasts with Chris While beautifully. Jonathan has...
Review "Taplas"

Review “Taplas”

Writer, painter and poet, Jonathan Day describes himself as “a grizzled, half reclusive man, living alone in the blissfully wind-swept Shropshire hills”, and has called on an array of friends to assist. They include Joe Broughton, Paloma Trigas and Tom Chapman of the Urban Folk Quartet, Kevin Dempsey, Chris While, Emma Capp and Helen Lancaster...