PORTFOLIO: Image and Sound

Images, recording, processing, text, music and instrumental performance by Jonathan. An Oriole over the Tian Shan ~ ‘Birdtime’, Hong Kong Art’s Festival 6’17, Hong Kong City Hall.    9th June 1924 (for George Mallory and Andrew Irvine) ~ audience recording, Music, Myth and Realities festival, Bangkok 9’17.   Kupu Kupu Malam ~ Architecture Festival and...

PORTFOLIO: Perfomance Images, Bangkok ’17

Images from The Dim Lit Subterranea of the Ancient Mind, Bangkok, August 2017. Photographs by Jean Davide Caillouet and Gabriel Camelin. Soft warm wind on the worm brown water, a coiling slither from the deep green heartland, the Temple of Dawn sparkling in the darkness, water around and in everything. A hall painted with shifting...

PORTFOLIO: Images created for book ‘Lyric’

Images created for the Fairacre Press/Wenlock Poetry Festival volume Lyric    

PORTFOLIO: Postcards from the Road

Selections from my book Postcards from the Road, published by Chicago University Press/Intellect [more selections at http://takeonartmagazine.com/article-details/205 see also http://www.scmp.com/lifestyle/arts-entertainment/article/1772140/jonathan-day-postcards-road http://www.lumenvisum.org/site/exhibition/postcards-from-the-road-jonathan-day-2/  http://www.artnews.com/2014/06/19/new-photo-books-on-cartier-bresson-robert-frank-and-more/ http://www.aicahk.org/eng/reviews.asp?id=326 ]   The Vesuvio Café, San Francisco, is old, like the district. During the Gold Rush, when Chinatown was threatened by the authorities, the shop owners shot at the council until they desisted. The...

PORTFOLIO: 4 recent images


PORTFOLIO: Vagabond Language – recorded moments toward a project