Evelyn Waugh captures the evanescence of song so beautifully in these lines from Brideshead Revisited:

Perhaps all our loves are merely hints and symbols; vagabond-language scrawled on gate-posts and paving-stones…

We scrawl songs and stories as signs, for our selves and each other, of the mystery as we pass. They are joyful outbursts, full of the excitement of new places, people and things. They’re recollection and reflection, notes to self as we suck the marrow of the days.

Vagabond Language is an entirely new set of works, covering a range of moments, influences and experiences. It has a strong interest in place – as did Atlantic Drifter – but this time featuring much more the entities and beings who inhabit and constitute those places – animals, planets, mountains, people – geographically and imaginatively. Here are the dates – it would be so lovely to meet you there x

Vagabond Language tour dates '17

Vagabond Language tour dates ’17


12/5 – BIRMINGHAM TOWN HALL  www.thsh.co.uk

27/6 – APOLLO BAY (South Australia) www.ajirn.com

19/6 – LORNE (South Australia) www.ajirn.com

2 – 4/6 – MELBOURNE FESTIVAL (Australia) www.ajirn.com

6/6 HONG KONG T.V.(RTHK Folk Show) www.rthk.hk

8/6 – HONG KONG (City Hall) 

23-24/6 – ART & SOUND, CUBE THEATRE (Leicester)  facebook.com/events/1236058506490308

7/7 – WORKHOUSE (Y Dolydd) www.the-workhouse.org

28 – 30/7 – FESTIVAL AT THE EDGE Alderford Lake, Shropshire http://www.festivalattheedge.org

10 – 13/8 – PHOENIX FESTIVAL (Llanfyllin) www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/phoenix-alternative-festival-2017-tickets-27456951481

19 – 21/8 – LANDED FESTIVAL (Rhayader, Wales) www.landedfestival.co.uk

30/8 – 2/9 – MUSIC and MYTH FESTIVAL, BANGKOK Princess Galyani Vidhana Music Institute http://www.pgvim.ac.th/sym/

7/9 – SHREWSBURY POETRY (OPO, Milk Street) www.facebook.com/events/1896241980599681