Postcards from the Road

Jonathan Day  18.4 – 28.5.2015

開幕酒會 Opening Reception  18.04.2015 (六 Sat) 4 – 6 pm
藝術家講座 Artist‘s Talk 18.04.2015 (六 Sat) 3 – 4 pm

Jonathan Day 出生的那一年,Robert Frank 出版了攝影集《The Americans》。書紀錄了這位瑞士裔美國藉攝影家花了兩年,開著一輛老舊二手車,穿越48個分的美國之旅。按Jack Kerouac 的話,Frank「用菲林從美利堅索出一首憂傷的詩歌」那是1959年。

書後來成為經典,被認為改變了攝影藝術的走向。半世紀後,英國伯明翰的Jonathan Day來到美國,源著前人的足跡,嘗試軿湊書中那「垮掉的一代」的雨零星散。開著租來的車,他在那些通往地平線的公路上,遇上了那些肥大的汽車,那些星條旗,那些十字架,只是,那些符號所指向的早已不是五十年代那浮華世界,而是《The Americans》當代的一章。我們仿佛可以看到,Frank的車就在前面駛過,揚起一片灰塵,裡面載著兩個異人,在作一場跨半世紀的對話。

展覽源自Jonathan Day 同名著作。

The year when Jonathan Day was born, Robert Frank published his photo book The Americans. The book records the Swiss-American photographer’s two-year journey in a used old car through 48 states of the United States of America. Jack Kerouac said he “sucked a sad poem out of America onto film.” The was 1959.

The book ultimately became a classic, holding a secure place in the twentieth-century history of photography for changing the course of the art form. Half a century later, Jonathan Day from Birmingham, UK arrived in America. Tracing his predecessor’s path, he tried to puzzle together the remnants of the Beat Generation. In a rented car Day drove 30,000 miles of road towards the horizon, capturing those big cars, those crosses, those Stars and Stripes along the way. We can almost fell on our face the dust cloud kicked up in the air as Frank’s old used car drove past. Only that those signs and icons no longer point to the vain and arcane world of the 1950s, but to a new, contemporary chapter of The Americans. A dialogue across half a century.

攝影家/音樂人/跨媒體藝術學者生於Black Country、英格蘭中部三百年工業革命的發源地。父親是個燒工,專門替船和工廠的組件作燒母親生他時18歲。他那於第二次世界大戰時葬身千里達外祖父是個水手。外曾祖母是離鄉別井的礦工之女,在那於馬戲團訓練馬匹的男人給她餓著的孩子三文治吃後下嫁了他,她第二任的丈夫。她後來酗酒,吃花園裡的草,看見魔鬼並付出整副身家後,歸順了基督復臨安息日會。這些經歷都奠定了Jonathan創作語境,引育出他對風景的興致,及對及人與風景之間、人與人之間互動的喜好。目前為英國伯明翰城市大學藝術及設計學院跨媒體藝術教授,伯明翰攝影及檔案研究小組秘書長,以及香港專業教育學院、泰國Silpakorn大學及朱拉隆功大學及斯里蘭卡科倫坡設計學院之訪問教授。著有The Politics of Navigation》(2005)、《Robert Frank’s the Americans – the Art of Documentary Photography》(2010)及《Postcards from the Road》(2014)。

Black Country bred, the photographer/musician/transmedia arts academic Jonathan Day is the product of three-hundred years of English Midlands’s industrialism. His father was a welder making parts for ships and factories; his mother was a young girl of 18 when he was born. His grandfather was a sailor who died near Trinidad in World War II. His great grandmother was the daughter of a displaced coal miner. Her second husband, his great grandfather, had been a horse trainer in a circus. She married him after he fed sandwiches to her starving children. She became a drunkard, ate grass from the garden, converted to Adventism after seeing the devil and gave away all her money. These experiences set the context for Jonathan’s work – they inform his interest in the landscape and the interaction people have with it and with each other. Currently Professor of Transmedia Arts at Birmingham City University, England, Secretary of the Birmingham Photography and Archive Research Group and Visiting Professor at IVE, Hong Kong, Silpakorn and Chulalongkorn Universities, Bangkok, Thailand and the Academy of Design Colombo, Sri Lanka. Author of the books The Politics of Navigation (2005), Robert Frank’s the Americans – the Art of Documentary Photography (2010) and Postcards from the Road (2014).

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