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Four songs of love and loss, a distillation of years spent wandering and playing. Presenting stories from a frozen midsummer’s night on a Danish island, the deep countryside of Belarus, streets in Bali and the wide black land of Minnesota, these compositions take their heart from time, silence and the mad, mundane and quietly beautiful vision of those who share the road.

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Track listing for Orphans of the Storm:

1 Faint Falling Light – Written for the deepest indigo light that touches the far north night at midsummer

 2 She Walks In Silence – First American practice of naming someone for their most prominent characteristic, elided with scenes from Bertolucci’s The Sheltering Sky and quotations from a German dancer (who took Jonathan’s portrait photograph

 3 Strange Meetings – Those moments when the most fleeting of encounters has a powerful effect. A beggar in Aswan, a night-watchman in Johannesburg, a woman with her children fleeing domestic violence in Bali and a late night in a city bar with a woman called Lydia.

 4 Carved in Bone – Love on an Easter tour from the Ruhr to Belarus. At Hatyn, fire in the snow and a bell tolling silence, to remember the lost. From Minsk State Prison to a radioactive opera house.